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What keeps us going?


We realize that helping customers solve real problems is core to any sustainable business. Our portfolio companies should regularly deliver value as leaders of their niche.


We depend on our portfolio CEOs. Many of these bold leaders have dreams of changing the world and we are excited to get behind them and share in the process.


Achieving and sustaining a high IRR results from hard work and diligence on a particular mission. We are involved for the long term and expect greatness from our partners.


To climb a steep grade, we recommend applying consistent and sustained effort.
Think Big, Act Small

LEV is a private investment partnership with an evergreen, hybrid fund. We believe ownership matters. We help small businesses accelerate growth and become more valuable to all stakeholders. Basically, we work really hard to have massive upside with the least downside. That's positive optionality.

  • Startups

    We are entrepreneurs as well as investors. Sometimes disruption is the only way. We are happy to partner with founders in target industries. We like to lead where we have expertise, but are excited to continue learning. Because of the long term nature and the risk of loss, we limit portfolio exposure to less than 15% of assets under management and generally make 4-5 investments per year.

  • Public

    We are value investors. We take a comprehensive view of committed capital and believe in the power of compound earnings. As free cash flow is generated from other categories, we seek deep value, mis-priced equities. This is most often found in micro-caps (<$300M.) And, as a result of our structure, we are willing to hold large portions and get involved when helpful.

  • Control

    We are long term owners. Truly great investments are rare. When circumstances permit, we are willing to become very concentrated. Also, our partners and structure allow us to function as permanent capital. Ideal companies are small ($1-10M) with a retiring owner-operator. We will do our best to grow it over the next generation or more.

  • Whole Portfolio

    We are willing to take on small amounts of debt to acquire low risk, high yielding assets and because of our liquidity are appealing partners for those interested in wealth generation.


We are real people, hard working and optimistic.
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Daryl Starr

A serial entrepreneur committed to helping founders and CEOs realize their dreams, Starr oversees capital allocation and working really hard.
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Neil Banwart

A MBA, CFA finance extraordinaire, Banwart is responsible for analysis, budgeting, banking and investor relations.
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Mikel Berger

A proven team leader for both technical and community. Berger oversees enabling technology in Control companies and making sure Startups solve real problems.


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