Little Engine Ventures (LEV) is an evergreen, hybrid fund that is motivated to help customers, founders and investors prosper by working smarter and harder over the long haul.

“We aim to be long positive optionality.  When we discover tremendous upside with low downside we move quickly.” – Daryl Starr, Founding Partner & CEO.


LEV allocates capital across three primary areas: Startups, Control, and Public.

Startups: We partner with smart creatives with deep domain knowledge who are just launching their revolutionary business.  Different than many seed investors we actually prefer iconoclastic individuals… because we have been there. We want our startup companies to dominate a narrow niche and establish product-market fit very quickly.  We know things change along the way and want to help them find the best solutions for everyone involved.

Control:  We love owning 70-100% of high margin, perpetual cash machines. They’re rare but the key ingredient to our strategy.  If you are looking to exit a big fish in a little pond, that needs a little help, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’d love to see if we can buy your business ($1-10M) and put a terrific CEO in place to keep it in motion for several more generations.  We are not required to flip it.

Public: Fascinated by oscillations in the public market, we also move cash into under valued public companies. Since we’re small, we also benefit from buying into overlooked micro-cap stocks (<$300M market capitalization)  and spend a ton of time studying financials, debating intrinsic values and visiting with company leadership.  These gems also inform us about valuation trends and risks in our other businesses.

LEV launched in April 2016.

Thanks for visiting our web site.  If you have more questions we invite you to contact us.