100 books

Back in February we launched our book club. Back at the end of June I updated you all that we hit 50 members. I said then I wanted to hit 100 by Thanksgiving. Thanks for reading. Got suggestions for books for the 2020 version of book club?

Is an MBA harmful to entrepreneurship?

I spent Friday hanging out with a bunch of MBA students. I run across a lot of different types of entrepreneurially minded people with varying levels of experience. It wasn’t just Friday that I had noticed that people with an MBA or pursing the degree tended to think differently than I do. For context, I’ve Read more about Is an MBA harmful to entrepreneurship?[…]

Prediction v. Control

Recently I went down a Google search rabbit trail and discovered the works of Saras D. Sarasvathy. She researches and writes on entrepreneurship, cognitive science, and behavioral economics. I’ve found myself referring several times since then to one paper in particular that compares her effectuation framework for decision making and firm strategy to several others. Read more about Prediction v. Control[…]