Job Hunting by Company Size

Little Engine Ventures is located in a college town. I frequently find myself in conversations with students as they are in the process of job hunting. Sometimes I’m interviewing them. More often than not the conversation is just an informal mentorship situation. They are seeking some insight about which job they should take. I’ve been asked about Read more about Job Hunting by Company Size[…]

The LEV Library

Updated on April 20, 2017 by Daryl Starr The first room in the LEV office has three, floor-to-ceiling walls of built-in bookshelves.  The other wall has windows.  Rather than have the bookshelves ripped out and replaced with a single Amazon Kindle, we decided to populate the shelves with books (and other trinkets.) If you want Read more about The LEV Library[…]

Competency vs Gumption

“You have to strike the right balance between competency and gumption.” said Charlie Munger. “Too much gumption and not enough competency can get you killed.  But the more you know the limits of your competency the more valuable your gumption is.” Competency – (noun) – the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. “the players displayed Read more about Competency vs Gumption[…]