We totally depend on our portfolio CEOs. Many of these bold leaders have dreams of changing the world and we are excited to get behind them and share in the process.

Our Startup companies are the most iconoclastic individuals.  They smash prior beliefs of what is possible.  We believe this is imperative to getting a company to viability and beyond. When you partner with us it is because we believe in your ability to realize the vision, however many challenges may lie ahead.  We will do our best to help and enable you.

On the other hand, our Control companies often have Founders who desire liquidity, diversity and transitions into a new phase of life. Their dreams have moved on from the business they have shepherded for years.  At this point, we must have a high comfort level that general management and CEO oversight can be hired into the company to replace these leaders.  Ideally, this comes from within the company.  If not, we work to secure that, and move the business into the next phase of it’s life cycle.

Finally, and not to be ignored, our Public holdings also lean on leadership.  Ideally, the company can be run by a buffoon.  We do not desire that, so, we try to find companies that would exist under poor leadership, but are poised for growth based on vision and leadership, most concerned with sustainable, per share value increases over the long haul.

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