We are a partnership of business owners.

The following partners make up the Little Engine Ventures family.


The operating partners work directly in the businesses we buy. Many become the adopted CEO upon closing. Several have participated in our Executive-on-Deck program. We have also successfully promoted key employees into leadership roles. Either way, we intend to guide and equip leadership to help our companies thrive.


Little Engine Ventures Fund

We believe ownership ought to be filled with respect and trust. As a result, the fund is an evergreen investment partnership committed to stewarding the best small businesses. This asset class is difficult to reach and we take it seriously. Our 22 limited partners are business owners, too. They run the gamut of age and experience. Several are actively diverting cash flow our direction for allocation. Some are retired but want to retain the benefits of ownership. Others have enjoyed tech exits at a young age and want more stable, diversified, but still meaningful returns. We believe diversity with alignment is important.


Owner Emeritus

Finally, the business sellers are among our stakeholders. They want a smooth and dignified transition into a new phase of life. Some work part time after selling, still others just want to hang around. Although they are welcome to walk away, thus far, we have retained an on-going relationship with the previous majority owner. We’ve dubbed this group of partners the “Owner Emeritus.”