Establishing OKR’s for the Marketable Security Business

We are strong proponents of picking an operating system and using it religiously. Establish a true north and incentivize and demand regular accountability. The key to a good map is focus. The cartographer eliminates the unnecessary. One key element of our playbook is the use of objectives and key results (OKR’s) to establish partnership level, Read more about Establishing OKR’s for the Marketable Security Business[…]

Methods to Develop a Stakeholder Bull’s Eye

Last week I wrote a post entitled, “Benefits of the Bull’s Eye Stakeholder Discipline” in which I outline the benefits of a Bull’s Eye stakeholder (customer, investor, vendor, etc.) In this post, I want to document some methods to develop a bull’s eye definition. There are a minimum of three criteria. This uses the same Read more about Methods to Develop a Stakeholder Bull’s Eye[…]

Benefits of the Bull’s Eye Stakeholder Discipline

For several years now I have used the metaphorical language of “bull’s eye” and “one-degree’r” around our office. This Saturday morning I searched our blog to see if I had written about it before. I had not. Wow. I’m sorry. This is among the most unnatural and yet most valuable things a business owner does Read more about Benefits of the Bull’s Eye Stakeholder Discipline[…]

Budgeting Beyond Legal Boundaries

One of the many oddities shared between entrepreneurs is their ability to budget beyond boundaries. They don’t make the same assumptions about where the lines must be drawn. The edges are more fluid. They see customer value and customer alternatives and they see new ways of assembling systems to deliver value at a profit regardless Read more about Budgeting Beyond Legal Boundaries[…]

Questions About Estate Planning

Within the last few months I have received more questions about estate plans than the sum of my entire life prior. My default response is “I don’t know.” Perhaps I ought to leave it there? (my usual response.) Instead, I started reading and began writing… mostly trying to form some coherent thoughts. Disclosure: I still Read more about Questions About Estate Planning[…]

The Market is a Profound Conversation

After completing Robert G. Hagstrom’s “Investing: The Last Liberal Art” I began to re-read my margin notes. His book has over one hundred bibliography entries and is a fantastic introduction to the multidisciplinary worldview of the market. One of my pencil scratches suggested that the market is a profound conversation. Hagstrom uses the word “puzzle” Read more about The Market is a Profound Conversation[…]