The Appropriate Depth: A Leader’s Guide to Excellence in Small Business Ownership

Running a small business is challenging. I would argue that it is more challenging than running a larger organization. There are usually fewer resources (common excuse), but more importantly, there are fewer established procedures; or worse, there are well-established poor procedures. I like to look on the bright side and tend toward assigning a positive Read more about The Appropriate Depth: A Leader’s Guide to Excellence in Small Business Ownership[…]

Diversification Motive

A business owner should diversify when the market no longer responds profitably enough to justify reinvestment –and there is still entrepreneurial appetite, capacity, and talent remaining. The default should be reinvestment in one’s primary endeavor, where the insights and probabilities are strongest. If a firm begins to lose value, then the owner should make changes Read more about Diversification Motive[…]

Making Order While Retaining Decentralization

Our General Managers run sales and operations. And they’re great. I provide “entrepreneurial services.” Some probably prefer I stand down, wild man. When we launched, I used the phrase “we believe in decentralization” quite often. At the time, I had a vague understanding of what that meant exactly. I figured the simple definition was “Hire Read more about Making Order While Retaining Decentralization[…]

Reflections & Reminders

After a rocky 2020 the following guidance to myself sort of fell onto the paper. I thought I’d share in case there are other business owners who didn’t set performance records this year either. Humble thyself. People matter. Improve. Maintain room for error. Share in success. Build an asynchronous foundation. Install remote operating system. Prepare Read more about Reflections & Reminders[…]