The Market is a Profound Conversation

After completing Robert G. Hagstrom’s “Investing: The Last Liberal Art” I began to re-read my margin notes. His book has over one hundred bibliography entries and is a fantastic introduction to the multidisciplinary worldview of the market. One of my pencil scratches suggested that the market is a profound conversation. Hagstrom uses the word “puzzle” Read more about The Market is a Profound Conversation[…]

Reflections & Reminders

After a rocky 2020 the following guidance to myself sort of fell onto the paper. I thought I’d share in case there are other business owners who didn’t set performance records this year either. Humble thyself. People matter. Improve. Maintain room for error. Share in success. Build an asynchronous foundation. Install remote operating system. Prepare Read more about Reflections & Reminders[…]